VCE - Software Development

VCE Software Development Units 3 & 4

  • VCE Computing Study Design (SD from pg.30)
  • VCE SoftDev Graded Distribution
  • VCE IT Lecture Notes (Software & Informatics)

  • Study Score Calculator

    As part of my SAT (portfolio project) for this subject I have started to make a VCE Study Score Calculator!

    In this software one can predict the final raw (not scaled) study scores from their Graded Assessment scores.

    As this is just a project for school don't expect it to be perfect! It's likely to never get out of the Alpha development phase, but I'll keep making regular updates when I can. All of it will be open-source so hopefully someone else can pass the torch on after this starts to die!

    Download the latest version (Alpha 0.1.1_01, 2019/07/03 10.02 AEST)
    Alpha 0.1.1, 2019/07/03 06.40 AEST
    Alpha 0.1.0, 2019/06/27 11.45 AEST
    Alpha 0.0.1, 2019/06/19 18.47 AEST

    (Please install PyYAML through pip! is not functional at this stage)